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Need Care For Dementia?
Taking care of someone with dementia is a 24/7 responsibility. You don't have to do it by yourself!

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Do You Need A Break?
Everyone deserves some private time, a short reprieve or a get-away once in a while. Give yourself a care break today!

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Private Hiring vs.
An Agency
Unsure which to use? Discover more about the differences between hiring a private caregiver versus hiring agency service.

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Angels At Home, Inc. Welcomes You

Overwhelmed with caring for Dad and Mom?  Are you afraid to leave Dad by himself because he suffers from short-term memory loss?  Concerned with the fact that your loved one is unable to manage her daily activities or has perhaps fallen?


If any of these relate to you then maybe it's time to  consider a professional home companion and  caregiver to provide in-home assistance to your elderly loved ones.  A companion will help with daily activities such as cooking, running errands, household chores and other important day to day activities. 


Angels At Home has professional, compassionate, screened caregivers that are ready to help your loved one maintain their independence and quality of life while at the same time providing you with peace of mind.  Our mission is to provide tender care so that our clients can enjoy the comfort and memories of their own home and allow their loved ones to have peace of mind whether they are out of town or out of touch. We accomplish this by meeting each client’s needs through a customized care plan. 


The intention of this site to allow families not only to learn about the services that we provide but to better understand and navigate the complicated world of elder care. 


If your loved one has cognitive problems, read about dementia care to learn more about dementia and the specialized services we offer to those who suffer from it.  If you are just beginning to consider hiring in-home care, download our free report, “What You Need To Know Before Hiring In-Home Care”  and get valuable tips on  avoiding many loopholes and how to properly get started.  For those that need immediate help, complete our contact us form to get instant contact with our knowledgeable care coordinators and talk about starting service now. 


It is our hope that you find the information contained in this site to be useful and that it can serve as the start for you to begin getting back your peace of mind.  The conflict of being the family caregiver means you are torn between your loved one’s needs and your own needs in managing your life.  Getting assistance when you are a family caregiver allows you to regain a balance between your responsibilities while keeping your loved one’s care a priority.  Balance is important but we all know that


Best wishes,


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